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PR & Marketing Intern Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

By Brent Wallen on Mar 27, 2013

Hey I got
an idea! I know it’s the middle of winter, but let’s go live outside for two
weeks straight and freeze our butts off! We can bring a bunch of dehydrated
food that all looks the same and throw it in a pot of water over a miniature
stove that is sometimes really hard to get to work! Toilet paper? Don’t be
silly. We will use jagged chunks of snow! We can also make the
biggest pile of snow ever and dig it out and live in it! How neat does that
sound? You know what else we can do? We can climb mountains every day until our
calves burn so much we toss around the thought of amputation. Boy, I am getting more excited by the minute!
So, what do you say? You in?

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