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Reasons We Love Hot Drinks

By Molly Herber on 12/22/15 9:45 AM

We love a good hot drink at any time of year, but we appreciate them even more when the temperatures drop. Here are a few reasons why:

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Emily's Version of NOLS' Rice in Nut Curry Sauce

By William Roth on 4/14/10 4:25 AM
Emily McGalliard, mother of Semester in Baja grad Elena, snagged her daughter’s copy of the NOLS Cookery during a recent camping weekend with friends and made a few changes to some classic NOLS field grub.She took the Rice in Nut Curry Sauce recipe and made it a one-pot meal with a more distinctive Thai taste by using red curry, powdered coconut milk, and instant mashed potatoes as a thickener. The recipe adds up to a tasty and filling dinner with the protein and carbohydrates you need to hike the trail all day. Thanks, Emily!

Emily's Version of NOLS' RICE in Nut Curry Sauce

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NOLS MythCrushers Episode 1: Fish Eyes

By William Roth on 11/18/09 2:34 AM

Fish eyes are the bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot as water is heated. Some people believe this is hot enough for reliable disinfection. We disagree.

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Pizza & Calzone Recipe - A NOLS Cookery Classic

By William Roth on 11/17/09 3:55 AM

Yeast Crust:
1 tsp. dry yeast
1/2 cup lukewarm water
1/2 tsp. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 cup flour

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