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Gender-inclusive Communication for First Responders

By Ben Lerman on Aug 23, 2018
Practicing a patient assessment during a course. Photo by Luis Camargo.

As a medical provider in the wilderness, it’s important to not make judgments or assumptions. For example, rather than assuming a patient is low risk for a spine injury, you can use a focused spine assessment to gather information relevant to your decision.

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5 Things You Already Do That Make You a Female Outdoor Leader

By Annalise Grueter on Oct 19, 2015


The author looking out at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado from Mount Adams at 13,931 feet. Photo by Ryan Richardson.

Backpacker magazine recently posted this piece online touching on the fact that, regardless of outdoor experience, their female readership were less likely to view themselves as leaders than their male readership, and that needs to change. We agree.

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