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William Roth

William Roth
William has worked in the past as the web content administrator, social media coordinator, and a data logistics assistant for NOLS.
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Wilderness First Responder Recertification featured in the Denver Post

By William Roth on Jun 13, 2012

Early this month, a news piece hit the Denver Post, documenting a small but poignant portion of a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Recertification course. Joshua Berman, OutWest Columnist and NOLS Wilderness Medicine graduate, wrote a piece that opens with the scene of an accident. After walking readers through the initial steps of assessing the scene, Berman reveals the victim is an actor and the accident a scenario.

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Topics: wilderness medicine

War Tactics

By William Roth on Oct 5, 2010

The NOLS Video Team is taking it up a notch with their latest release. They brought the cameras along with Chris Marley, NOLS Rocky Mountain employee and Semester in the Rockies grad, as he tries to bag his latest bouldering project, War Tactics. This V11-V12 first ascent is accompanied by music from Denver-based band, Pretty Lights. Check it out!

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Topics: bouldering, NOLS, Sinks Canyon, Lander, climbing, war tactics, Wyoming, pretty lights, first ascent, FA, v12, v11, Live the Dream

Dream Expedition Video Contest: Sharing A Few Videos - Part 1

By William Roth on Sep 24, 2010

We have seen more and more videos start rolling in for our the NOLS Dream Expedition Video Contest, with a surge of entries coming in over the last few weeks. They range from the simple and straightforward to wild stop-motion animation techniques, with dreams about hiking the Appalachian Trail, summiting far-off peaks, high altitude tight-rope walking, trekking to remote Africa to give medical aid, and more.

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Topics: NOLS, dream expedition, Behind the Scenes, Patagonia, cassin ridge, appalachian trail, video, lleif ericson, stop motion, Denali

NOLS Street Team Needed To Put Posters Up At Your School

By William Roth on Sep 9, 2010

Calling all people that breathe air and spend their days eating delicious cafeteria food. WE NEED YOU.. to help us put up a few video contest posters around your school, A/V club, gear shop, that coffee shop you spend all your money in, etc.

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Topics: NOLS, video production, Behind the Scenes, school, video contest, calling all, street team, posters, a/v club

Perseid Meteor Shower Over Clear Wyoming Skies

By William Roth on Aug 13, 2010

Watch in HD at full screen for most visible meteors!

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Topics: NOLS, perseid meteor shower, Live the Dream, meteor shower, perseid meteor, night sky, perseid, time lapse, shooting stars, meteor

Recent Student Videos on YouTube

By William Roth on Aug 11, 2010

Here are a few recent videos uploaded to YouTube from recent NOLS grads. For more student-made videos, check out our Student Videos YouTube playlist.

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Topics: NOLS, Wind River Wilderness, Waddington Range, pizza, Expedition Prep, LNT, WRW, backcountry pizza, youtube, video, leave no trace, student

2010 Outdoor Retailer Show

By William Roth on Aug 10, 2010

The Outdoor Retailer Show is all about checking out new gear, networking with new people, and strengthening our relationship with NOLS partners. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from one end of the conference floor to the other.

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Topics: gear, NOLS, Behind the Scenes, orshow, outdoor retailer show, stackpole, gearcaster, deuter, mountainsmith, trailspace, feedthehabit, wendmag, or summer, nuun

NOLS Grad Presenting Lessons Learned From River Course

By William Roth on Jul 23, 2010

I stumbled upon a video today on YouTube from NOLS grad Angel Flores presenting the lessons he learned from his Whitewater River Expedition earlier this summer. Angel discusses a bit about route finding, communication, and leadership. Thanks Angel for making the presentation!

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Topics: Alumni, leadership, whitewater, angel flores, Expedition Prep, presentation, River, youtube, video, grad, lessons learned

NOLS & WMI Sponsor Climbing Festival

By William Roth on Jul 21, 2010

Every year since 1993, climbing enthusiasts from around the Rocky Mountain West and beyond descend upon the humble town of Lander, Wyoming, for the International Climbers Festival. Since Lander is also where NOLS is headquartered, the school has a long history with the festival in the form of guest speakers, members of the board, climbing clinic instructors, and volunteers.

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Topics: NOLS, Behind the Scenes, ICF, sponsor, climbing, wilderness medicine, WMI, international, climbers, 2010, festival, volunteer

Biking, Climbing, Running, and Trekking Their Way To A NOLS Course

By William Roth on Jul 12, 2010

We made a few example videos to help folks understand what we're hoping people will submit for the Dream Expedition Video Contest. Check out Paul and Pearson's Dream Expedition videos below.

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Topics: NOLS, Behind the Scenes, creative, pearson smith, competition, paul ronto, dream, expedition, video, contest

Win a NOLS Course with the Dream Expedition Video Contest

By William Roth on Jun 30, 2010

What is your dream expedition? Is it rock climbing on seven continents in seven months? Is it bicycling across Europe? This year, NOLS is partnering with Patagonia for the Dream Expedition Contest.

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Topics: Wind River Wilderness, dream expedition, Behind the Scenes, NOLS course, National Outdoor Leadership School, grand prize, win, contest

Infinite Bliss

By William Roth on Jun 30, 2010

What do NOLS Instructors do in between courses?

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Topics: NOLS, Mariah Weigel, Willy Oppenheim, climbing, Audra Jung, personal, infinite bliss, south early winters spire, instructor, Live the Dream, Washington

New Video: NOLS Leaders on NOLS Instructors

By William Roth on Jun 4, 2010

Leader, teacher, role-model, demigod - grads describe their NOLS instructors in this installment of the NOLS Leaders series.

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Topics: educator, Alumni, NOLS, leadership, role, teacher, national, model, outdoor, school, Educators Notebook, instructor, experiential, demigod, grad, leader, wilderness, backcountry

Instructor Q&A with Matt Lloyd

By William Roth on May 27, 2010

Where did you get your start in outdoor education?
I got my start in outdoor education in rural Pennsylvania. As a little kid, my parents would shoo me out the back door with nothing more than a brown paper lunch sack containing a PB&J sandwich, carrot sticks, and a juice box. I'd spend entire days exploring the quiet woods, fishing the clear lakes and streams, and building secret tree forts behind my house.

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Topics: NOLS, leadership, matthew lloyd, skiing, accomplishment, insructor, matt lloyd, Educators Notebook, leave no trace, stewardship, winter, backcountry

Spring Semester in the Rockies (SSR-4) – Climbing Section Video

By William Roth on May 10, 2010

NOLS Instructor Brian Fabel brought his camera along to document the climbing section of a Spring Semester in the Rockies (SSR-4) course. Most footage is from Unaweep Canyon and there is also some from Independence Monument outside of Grand Junction, CO.

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Topics: mock lead, gear, canyon, Expedition Prep, climbing, section, learn, top rope, ssr-4, spring semester in the rockies, climb, unaweep, trad, student, lead, multipitch