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Tess Perrin

Tess Perrin
Tess is a 2018 Wilderness First Aid (WFA) graduate. She and her adventure partner, Ben, have trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. When she's not on a trail or rappelling into slot canyons, she runs her own creative business as a yoga instructor, artist, and writer.

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Patient Assessment: Visualizing the Head-to-Toe Exam

By Tess Perrin on Apr 17, 2018
Photo by Lena Conlan

Editor’s note: NOLS’ Patient Assessment System is designed to be used by individuals with appropriate training. Only provide care within the scope of your training.

Imagine yourself kneeling beside a fallen hiker, deep in the wilderness. You aren't sure if they are sick or hurt, and you don't see anyone else around. It’ll be up to you to respond to this situation and assist this person who is clearly in need.

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Topics: patient assessment, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, drawing, Wilderness Medicine