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Steve Stoddard

Steve Stoddard
Steve currently lives in the forest as an outdoor educator and explorer. He’s an avid backpacker, climber, hiker, reader, and enjoyer of getting dirty! He loves to empower humans of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds through observations and challenges in the outdoors. Lastly, he’s an advocate for peace within oneself, communities, and in our natural spaces. Keep on climbing!

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12 Days That Changed My Life: A Homestay in East Africa

By Steve Stoddard on May 6, 2019

Photo courtesy of Steve Stoddard.

Rather than my watch alarm bringing me out of sleep, it was roosters and cows. Instead of bundling up to get out of my tent and start boiling water for my cook group, I was waking up in someone else’s home.

This was all pretty different than what I had gotten accustomed to during the previous six weeks of backpacking on my NOLS semester.

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