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Celebrating Earth Day with NOLS!

By Sophia Kim on Apr 21, 2011

This week Anne, Dana, and I have been making our last preparations for our earth day event on Saturday. It’s going to be grrreattt! After all of our meetings over the past month, we’re ready to have an excellent day up at Sinks Canyon Center and on the Killer Cave trail. We hope you’re able to make it! Representatives from the BLM and the State Park will also complement our free lunch with an educational talk.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, NOLS Rocky Mountain, Earth day, Community Outreach, Environmental Stewardship

Winter Sections: A Student's Perspective

By Sophia Kim on Mar 16, 2011

In the past week and a half, we've had several semester courses come back through NOLS Rocky Mountain as they transitioned between their winter sections to river, canyons, or rock climbing. We had the privilege of catching up with Audi Morrison, an Outdoor Educator Spring semester student and previous NOLS Teton Valley snowboarding alum. Here is an account of her Winter section:

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Topics: A Student's Perspective, two nols courses, second course, Winter Sections, NOLS Rocky Mountain, Expedition Prep, feedback, perspective, ski, winter

Spring Semester & Leadership Week at Rocky Mountain

By Sophia Kim on Feb 24, 2011

Despite recent winter storms, the spring semester at NOLS Rocky Mountain is underway! Our Outdoor Educator Semester and Spring Semester in the Rockies courses are off to a rockin’ start. The RM is seeing a lot more action than it has in previous weeks. Our bays are filling up quickly with gear as students have been equipping themselves for their winter sections.

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Topics: NOLS, leadership week, SSR, Spring Semester Courses 2011, #NOLSLW, Educators Notebook, Outdoor Educator, Rocky Mountain