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Scott Stewart

Scott is a 35-year-old kid who loves to play outside. His spirit animal is the bighorn sheep, his favorite tree is the bristlecone pine, and he loves the smell of granite. He has an identical twin brother with an awesome 2-year-old-son, he loves his wife and best friend Neyda, and he is a constant student and teacher. Scott is a Wilderness First Responder (WMI) and has completed two NOLS courses: Outdoor Educator in the Southwest and 30-Day Rock Climbing in the Wind River Range. Scott makes his living as a naturalist, guide, and outdoor education/physical education teacher. You can follow him on Instagram as thetravelingnaturalist.

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Daily Gratitude: NOLS in the Frontcountry

By Scott Stewart on Mar 18, 2016

 NOLS taught me two of life’s most valuable lessons: humility and gratitude.

On my course, I couldn’t climb the 5.10 crack in Joshua Tree National Park, although my knuckles were bloodied and my fingertips were raw from the attempt. I couldn’t carry my equal share of weight after throwing out my back in the Wind River Range, burdening my teammates by adding more mass to their already 70-pound packs.

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Topics: leadership-skills, NOLS Rocky Mountain, climbing, backpacking, NOLS Southwest