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Mara Gans

Mara Gans
Mara is a field instructor with NOLS and has worked with Central Wyoming College’s Alpine Science Institute to help conduct research across the western U.S. and East Africa. She loves brushing her teeth and doing science in the mountains. Follow her on Instagram @mara_gans.

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Expedition Science on the Slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro

By Mara Gans on Mar 10, 2020
Students walk alongside a receding ice field at 19,000 feet in the summit caldera of Mt. Kilimanjaro. After a successful summit, their next mission is to gather data on Kilimanjaro's largest remaining glacier. Photo by Mara Gans.

I was challenged in two realms on this course—scientific research and outdoor skills. It was incredible to realize how deeply connected these two worlds are. As someone incredibly passionate about the outdoors, I feel that the science aspect of this course further enhanced my understanding of my actions in the outdoor world.Emilie Ginn, Tanzania Scientific Research Expedition

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