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The (Emerging) Smoothie Tradition

By Katharine Maxwell on Jun 24, 2011


In the gulch there are two blenders. Now if you have ever been in the Gulch or ever seen pictures of the Gulch, you’d know that the Gulch is the Rations room at our Rocky Mountain Base. In addition, the Gulch doubles as a bulk food store in Lander, and clearly specializes in dry goods- so why the blenders?

It turns out that on instructors’ briefing day (1st of two days preparing for a course) there is an emerging tradition of making smoothies. With perfectly portioned 7 ounce bags of fruit in the freezer and apple juice and yogurt always in the fridge, the branch is well prepared to handle the immense demand (sometimes 21 instructors at a time) for these yummy drinks. So the next time you are planning for your own trip, however close or far away, may I suggest a smoothie?

The Briefing Day Smoothie Recipe:

1. Get all your ingredients together

a. Get a one cup measuring cup

b. Get 7 ounces of fruit from the freezer (at the Rocky Mountain Branch we use 3 parts mango to 1 part berries- but anything works)

c. Get the apple juice and yogurt from the fridge

2. Remove the blender lid

3. Add ingredients in the order listed below (important so you don’t damage the blenders motor and blades)

a. One (1) cup of apple juice – add ¼ cup more juice for a thinner drink

b. One (1) cup yogurt

c. One (1) 7-ounce sack of frozen fruit

4. Press the blender lid down securely- keep hand on top of lid when blending. If you forget this step, you’ll wish you hadn’t

5. Press a blender button:

a. Glenda, office manager at the Rocky Mountain suggests, “Picking one [button] that blows back your hair, depending on your mood, and phase of the moon”

b. Don’t leave blender when making smoothies- finish all steps before charging off in another direction (see step 4)

6. Pour smoothies into cups

7. Promptly clean up

a. Return frozen berry container to freezer

b. Return juice and yogurt containers to Gulch kitchen refrigerator

c. Wash blender jar, bottom blades, and lid in soapy water- Do not take blender jar apart- dry, place lid back on top of jar, and return to blender base.

d. Put all items away

e. Wipe down the counter and floor- clean up all messes and splashes

8. If the smoothie supplies are low- let someone know.

9. Enjoy!



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First Project- Capture Instructor Teams

By Katharine Maxwell on Jun 1, 2011

For the past week I have been saying the same phrase over and over again: “Hi, my name is Kate, I am one of the new RM interns.” Over at the Rocky Mountain Branch, Wei-Ming, Spencer, and I started our summer internships last week, and are working on immersing ourselves in the NOLS Rocky Mountain world of the Gulch, Issue Room, and a whole variety of projects.

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