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Jen Dulz

Jen Dulz
Jen is an adventurer who enjoys novelty and the sense of being part of something larger than herself. She often finds this experience in nature where she kayaks, hikes, bikes, and backpacks.

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Learning a Non-Linear Leadership Style from Sea Kayaking

By Jen Dulz on Jun 12, 2018
Getting ready to launch the boats. Photo by Ali Bradley.

It was hot. I struggled to find shade as our group went through necessary orientation tasks: carry 3-5 water droms behind each boat, assign cook groups, gather group gear, divide group gear, assign and load boats.

Since I'd paddled on a NOLS trip before, I was "voluntold" to be the lead boat in a single kayak. I learned our heading, received a few instructions about monitoring my speed, and then we launched—a group of women on aBaja Sea Kayaking course.

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