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Taking a STEP in the Right Direction

By Erin Daily on Apr 19, 2013

After years spent working in the field with the National
Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
, Dr. Tracy Baynes made several astute
observations about the students who participate in outdoor courses. They gain a tremendous amount from their time in the field. They grow by being pushed outside of their comfort zones. They have life transforming experiences. They are also, as Tracy noted, mostly wealthy and white.

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Topics: Behind the Scenes, NOLS Professional Training

Sierra Nevada College Students Go Deep… Into the Canyons

By Erin Daily on Apr 15, 2013

This May, a group of 20 Sierra Nevada College (SNC) students will leave the comfort of their mountainous California home and take part in a 21-day leadership expedition into the deep canyons of Utah.

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Topics: Expedition Prep, NOLS Professional Training

National Park Service Sets Its Sights On A Big GOAL

By Erin Daily on Apr 11, 2013

Since its establishment in 1916, the National Park System
has grown to include more than 84 million acres tended to by 22,000 permanent,
temporary, and seasonal National Park Service (NPS) employees each year.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

Risk Management Training: Kick Your RM Practices into Tip-Top Shape

By Erin Daily on Mar 21, 2013

After years spent churning around the corporate buzzword blender, the phrase “risk management” has too often become associated with lengthy legal documents filled with useless jargon and stale policies. For the thousands of organizations in the outdoor recreation industry, this perceived norm is not acceptable. Neither lingo nor blanketed universal procedures are suitable when peoples’ well-being and, in many cases, lives are on the line.

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Topics: NOLS, GNS, Training, RMT, Glenlyon Norfolk School, risk management, Educators Notebook, Nate Ostis, NOLS Risk Services

City Girl Loves Life in the Wilderness

By Erin Daily on Mar 6, 2013
Photo by Trip Davis

Accustomed to California sunshine and city living, 16-year-old Ale Sternberg was launched into a world unknown in fall 2012 as she spent a week backpacking through the North Cascade Mountains in Washington state.

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Topics: Expedition Prep, Archer School for Girls, Wind River Wilderness Expedition, Archer, Arrow Week, NOLS Professional Training, NOLS Custom Education, story, women in leadership

Cornell Cultivates Leadership, Elementally

By Erin Daily on Feb 28, 2013

As both a NOLS instructor and an MBA student at Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Jamie Hunt acts as a one-of-a-kind
bridge between individuals typically sporting an array of Patagonia apparel and
those who don blazers and button-ups on a more regular basis. Hunt’s distinctive
perspective helped forge the pathway for the first Johnson Leadership Expedition, a 10-day hiking course in Patagonia for academic credit
that took place in January.

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Topics: Tolerance for Adversity, Patagonia, Cornell, Jamie Hunt, Alex Chang, Peer Leadership, Active Followership, Jerry Rizzo, Educators Notebook, Leadership Expedition, Johnson School of Management, NOLS Professional Training

Columbia Business School Students Tackle Patagonia

By Erin Daily on Feb 19, 2013

Last December, 11 Columbia Business School (CBS) students completed the first 10-day CBS Leadership Expedition to Patagonia. Maya Mandel, CBS class of 2013 and president of the Outdoor Adventures Club was responsible for bringing the course to fruition. Initially introduced to NOLS through a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, Maya was interested in what NOLS could offer her and her peers. After discussing several different options, it was determined that an expedition to Patagonia would best suit the CBS students.

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Topics: NOLS, Patagonia, Columbia Business School, Expedition Prep, CBS, Leadership Expedition

Camp Dudley Takes It West

By Erin Daily on Feb 7, 2013

When Camp Dudley, a residential summer camp based out of Westport, New York, decided to expand its focus on wilderness-based leadership development, Outdoor Program Director Scott Steen knew exactly who he wanted to call. Originally introduced to NOLS through instructor friends, Steen believes “NOLS is a premier leadership development organization.”

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Topics: NOLS, leadership, Camp Dudley Leadership Expedition, Expedition Prep, Wind River Mountains, Camp Dudley, leadership development