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Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez

Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez
Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez (C’18) is originally from Tucson, Arizona and is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in Consumer Psychology (Behavior & Marketing) at the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, she is involved in the International Affairs Association and has held leadership positions within Penn for Immigrant Rights, an advocacy group seeking to be a voice for immigrant students and communities. Currently, she is spending a semester abroad in the United Kingdom in order to gain a better understanding of international globalization. She is passionate about social and international affairs, technology and innovation, and meeting new people.

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Vulnerabilities into Empowerment: What Alaska Meant to Me

By Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez on 1/23/17 10:53 AM

The more that time separates me from my NOLS Expedition with STEP in the summer of 2013, the more I find myself reflecting on the ephemeral 21 days that I spent in Prince William Sound. Preserved in the haze inherent to all fleeting memories, I remember the physical exhaustion, the arduous and cold days and the ill-fated cooking.

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