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Daniel Koepp

Daniel Koepp
Daniel Koepp is a published author, poet, world traveler and leader in the outdoor recreation field. He holds an undergraduate degree in English and creative writing and a master’s degree in Sports and Human Performance. He is currently chronicling the forest and islands of British Columbia, seeking areas of spiritual depth and physical challenge. He can be reached at

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The Poetry of Experience

By Daniel Koepp on 11/6/17 8:30 AM

“What’s it good for?” Our pilot asked me that question as we flew deep into Alaska’s Brooks Range. A thermal rocked our Beaver bush plane and we lurched heavily. Below us, the tree line was falling away. From the rain-speckled cockpit it looked like a giant green circle where no brave spruce grew.

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Topics: Backpacking, River, Live the Dream, Alaska, Brooks Range

Brooks Range Prayer

By Daniel Koepp on 3/25/15 2:00 AM

Wet, cold, bleak, and grey. In the valleys the wind can be quite still, allowing black hordes of mosquitoes to badger adventurers like ourselves. But often the wind howls—whipping fabrics on faces and stretching tents taut as drums. It is usually raining, or there is impenetrable fog, or maybe it might snow. The weather can change within a few steps or paddle strokes.

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