Carolyn Highland


Carolyn Highland

Carolyn Highland is a teacher and writer living in Truckee, California. When not taking her fourth grade students at Tahoe Expedition Academy ( into the field, she can be found skiing, trail running, climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, jumping into alpine lakes, and then writing about it. Carolyn is a graduate of the 2012 NOLS Semester in New Zealand and the 2019 Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator Course. You can follow her on Instagram at @c_highland

Articles By Carolyn Highland

Person looks down a dirt road at a mountain scene

A Letter to My Future Self

Carolyn shares the letter she wrote to herself on a one-night solo near the end of her Semester in New Zealand.

Waking Up in the Wilderness

Carolyn remembers her choice between comfort and wilderness, a life of what's easy and a life of healthy challenges.