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Pushroot Garden Earth Day a Success!

By Caitlin Camilliere on May 16, 2014

The Pushroot Community Garden Earth Day event went splendidly!

We would like to thank Safeway, Mr. D’s, Gannett Grill, Bread Board, and Valley Printing once again for their generous donations that fueled the work day!

Basic beautification happened throughout the garden. Here, Justin Alexandre gently pulls away any weeds that have grown in since last season.

Kevin Redmon flashes a big smile in the raspberry patch.

Monty, one of the master gardeners at Pushroot, gets his hair styled by a garden rake.

We were happy to help Pushroot prep their garden this spring. We hope that they have a bountiful and sunny season!!

Pushroot Community Garden


Gannett Grill


Mr. D's

Valley Printing

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Topics: Behind the Scenes

Third Grade Stewards Reseed Sinks Canyon!

By Caitlin Camilliere on May 1, 2014

Rake poles towered over a parade of third graders as they marched up a path to Sinks Canyon. Oh yes, the Gannett Peak Third Grade Stewards were at it again. This time, they returned to reseed the South-Facing slope of Fairfield Hill that was hit by last July’s forest fire. Lead by our trusty Park Rangers Darrel and Jamie, they headed up the path with rakes, seeds, and seed dispersers in hand.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

Earth Day Celebration at Pushroot Community Garden

By Caitlin Camilliere on Apr 17, 2014

NOLS and Pushroot Community Garden are at it again! For this year’s Earth Day event, Rocky Mountain Intern Marisa OlGrady and Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Intern CC Camilliere are working together with Pushroot for a day filled with volunteering and spring cleaning!

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

Run the Red Trail Half Marathon

By Caitlin Camilliere on Apr 11, 2014

The Wyoming Outdoor Council, Wyoming Wilderness Association, and NOLS are hosting the first annual Run the Red Trail Half Marathon! Join us on May 31st at 9am in Wyoming's beautiful Red Desert. This area is home to seven proposed Wilderness Areas and stretches over 6 million acres. But don't worry, we're only running a 1/2 Marathon.

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Topics: Behind the Scenes

NOLS Invited to D.C. to Support Recreation Enhancement Act

By Caitlin Camilliere on Apr 3, 2014

The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA), an act that directly impacts NOLS, is currently up for discussion of reauthorization in the House of Representatives. A member of the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability department is invited to Washington D.C. this week to add an outfitter’s voice to the discussion. As a recreational outfitter that holds many permits through our country’s federal land agencies, NOLS hopes for a swift and smooth passage of this bill.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

NOLS Hosts Wilderness 50th Photo Contest at Faculty Summit

By Caitlin Camilliere on Mar 21, 2014

2014 marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. This act, signed in 1964, created a system of designating and protecting certain areas as Wilderness (with the capital “W” that comes from Congressional designation). A Wilderness area is an area of land that is sheltered from development and conserved in its natural form for future generations to enjoy.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

Gannett Peak third graders recycle with NOLS

By Caitlin Camilliere on Mar 7, 2014

“What happens to all the trash in the landfills?” a Gannet Peak Elementary School third grader asked me. Her classmate helped her out and shouted, “It gets INCINERATED!!” A group of eight- and nine-year olds shrieked and giggled with excitement in the Sinks Canyon State Park Visitors Center. They were out for the day on their monthly visit to the park, where they listen to ecology lessons from park rangers, explore hiking trails on foot or snowshoe, and have special guests from local organizations come visit. I was the lucky visitor this time, ready to teach these kids all about recycling and what it means to be a good steward.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

NOLS Pacific Northwest Soaks Up the Sun

By Caitlin Camilliere on Feb 28, 2014

Newly installed solar panels went live this December at NOLS Pacific Northwest. NOLS PNW is one of nine NOLS locations to use this form of alternative energy. The school teamed up with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), The North Face, and Whidbey Sun & Wind to install the 9.54 kW solar array that will provide 20 percent of the campus’ electricity needs.

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Topics: NOLS Pacific Northwest, Environmental Stewardship

Wyoming and Utah Vying for Control of Federal Lands

By Caitlin Camilliere on Feb 21, 2014

In our nation, the federal government controls about 672 million acres, or 30%, of land. Nearly all this land is found west of the Mississippi River. Some western states are seeing a movement to transfer federal land “back” to state control. States could benefit from potential economic gains through the switch of federal to state lands. Many in these states, including in Wyoming and Utah, are in favor of this swap, particularly in light of management difficulties during last fall’s government shutdown. Others believe that this gain would come at the cost of some of the nation’s most rugged and pristine recreational landscapes.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

WMI Works to Reduce Paper Usage

By Caitlin Camilliere on Feb 19, 2014

The NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute hosts 750 courses around the world each year. WMI offers courses for students interested in gaining practical knowledge in backcountry emergency and medical care. Teaching sessions are divided into classroom time and outdoor emergency scenarios. Outside of class, students study hard using their course books. Instructors get packets too, containing logistical information, exams, and quizzes. While WMI instructors are teaching cutting edge curriculum and facilitating lifelike medical scenarios in stunning backcountry settings, folks in the WMI office are fine-tuning another critical component of their courses: the paperwork. Staff took the time to rethink their paper usage in forms and exams with the goal of reducing waste.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

First National Forest Releases New Management Plan

By Caitlin Camilliere on Feb 7, 2014

The eastern half of the Wind River range, as well as the Absaroka range in Wyoming, both lie within the boundaries of the Shoshone National Forest, the first national forest in our country. Originally created as a timber reserve for Yellowstone National Park in 1891, the Shoshone has maintained its wildness: over half the land is designated Wilderness. Among this land lie thousands of miles of hiking trails that bring adventurers around lakes and through mountains. The endless vistas, opportunities for solitude, and abundant wildlife attract tourists, locals, and NOLS courses to come and explore.
Photo: NOLS Archives

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship