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Howdy from the Ranch

By Adrienne Spiegel on Aug 3, 2010

This weekend we interns traded in hiking boots and windpants (sigh) for cowboy boots and jeans. The reason? We took a jaunt to Three Peaks Ranch, the NOLS ranch that horsepacking courses and re-rations run out of. After a two hour ride from Lander through wide open spaces, we were treated to the leftovers of an asado -- a lamb roast and celebration -- from the night before. Then off to bed; ranch life starts early.

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Post-Course Interviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Snowy

By Adrienne Spiegel on Jul 2, 2010
We're back with the second installment of student interviews. Friday morning we grabbed two students while they de-issued gear and asked them about their Wind River Wilderness courses. Still unshowered but in good spirits, Ali Patillo from Atlanta and Anna Waldeck from Pittsburugh shared some of their course highlights. We spoke to Ali first. What was a high point of your course? The first sunny day after a week of snow. And eating fresh oranges after our first re-reation.

What about a low point? On the 5th day of our course we were in a field of snow after 8 hours of hiking and couldn't find a place to camp...but we made it.

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Pre-Course Interviews: It's Preppin' Time

By Adrienne Spiegel on Jun 24, 2010
The solstice this Monday officially ushered summer in, and the season is certainly in full swing here at NOLS RM. Thursday morning The Gulch and Outfitting played host to two Wind River Wilderness courses and two Wyoming Backpacking Adventure courses. Amid the flurry of activity, we managed to borrow two WRW students and interview them before they left for their courses. Here's what Ian Reilly from California had to say. What aspect of your course are you most excited about? I'm just excited about spending a month in the wilderness.

Could you describe this morning (being issued food and gear at the RM) in one word? Hectic, but somehow it all came together. [That's seven, Ian, but we'll let it slide.]

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