NOLS Students Unaffected by May 12, 2015 Earthquake

By Casey Adams

May 11, 2015

Update May 14, 9:30 a.m. MST:

The Spring Semester in India received the final ration supply of the semester today. They reported feeling no tremors, as they are traveling in a region unaffected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Original post:

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal this morning. NOLS Headquarters has been in contact with NOLS India in Ranikhet, which was not affected.

The epicenter of today’s earthquake is farther away (east) from NOLS operating areas than the April 25 quake, which was of higher magnitude and did not affect NOLS India courses.

NOLS currently has two courses in the field, neither of which has reported feeling tremors. The Himalaya Cultural Expedition is currently on a homestay in a village 10 miles from NOLS India headquarters. NOLS contacted the course this morning and confirmed they were not affected in any way and did not feel tremors.

The Spring Semester in India is expected to meet up with staff for a re-ration later this week. NOLS protocol is for courses to call in only if they feel tremors or hear of an earthquake, so given the distance from the epicenter and the absence of phone calls, it is highly unlikely that they have felt any tremors. NOLS will confirm the course was unaffected at this week's re-ration.

NOLS is in communication with parents and will update this post as necessary. We continue to hold those affected by the recent earthquakes in our thoughts.

Written By

Casey Adams

Casey worked as a writer and PR specialist for NOLS.

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