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Winter Warmth - Camp and Sleep System

By NOLS on 1/11/11 8:33 AM

If you have been following along with our Winter Warmth series, you should be familiar with the layering and bootie system NOLS is known for. Today we explore other ways to stay warm once you arrive at your camp for the night.

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Grand Targhee Resort Awards NOLS Teton Valley "Green" Grant

By William Roth on 5/7/10 3:40 AM

NOLS Teton Valley has been awarded $2,000 by the Protect Our Winters (POW) Foundation for installation of solar panels and educational project. These panels could provide up to 30% of electricity use at the NOLS location. The money came from Grand Targhee Resort employees who generously donated portions of their check to the foundation (these donations were also matched by the resort), and from guests of the resort who purchased tickets on Two-Fer days which included a $10 donation to POW.

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