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WMI Instructor Training Course Underway

By NOLS on 11/12/10 9:14 AM

This week 26 aspiring WMI instructors, who made it through interviews, past 1000 inquiries and 156 applying candidates are attending our annual Instructor Training course.

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Wilderness Medicine Case Study - Test Your Skills

By William Roth on 2/15/10 4:51 AM

The Setting - There you are, hiking with a companion through the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, when suddenly there appeared a rider on a pale horse galloping across a meadow. Your attempt to access a vague memory about pale horses passes into a focus on the beauty of the horse and rider which becomes a stumbling horse and airborne rider whose graceful flight ends in a tuck and roll as the horsewoman lands on her back, tumbles, stands and runs a few steps before finally collapsing in a heap.

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Fall Outdoor Educator Semester Students practice their wilderness first aid skills.

By NOLS on 10/8/09 7:58 AM

Wilderness first aid skills are an important part of being an Outdoor Educator. One of the sections on the NOLS Outdoor Educator Semester (OES) is a WMI Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course. During the WFR students learn how to act in situations when injury or illness have occurred. While classroom time gives students a foundation in the different subjects of wilderness medicine, practical scenarios are where the skills are honed.

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