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Hello from the Backcountry!

By NOLS on 7/7/11 3:36 AM

When it comes to hearing about how courses are going, no news is good news... but good news is great! Kumari Ratnayake, a student on a Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator course sent this letter out from a food re-ration to us here at NOLS HQ.

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Dreams of the Appalachian Trail Become a Wind River Reality

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on 12/6/10 3:39 AM

Kumari Ratnayake, one of two overall winners of the NOLS Patagonia Dream Expedition Video Contest, is taking a Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator Semester this summer. Her video, I Dream of the Appalachian Trail, won her a NOLS course, all the gear she needs for the course, travel to Wyoming, and a bunch of other goodies from Patagonia and NOLS. Here's her winning video:

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