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Back to School We Go!

By Casey Adams on 8/22/13 2:25 AM

While students across the country
are gearing up for a return to standard classrooms with new backpacks and
shoes, the first groups of NOLS students of the new season are embarking on educational adventures of an entirely different
realm—many of them with beefy new backpacks and hiking boots.

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WMI Instructor Training Course Underway

By NOLS on 11/12/10 9:14 AM

This week 26 aspiring WMI instructors, who made it through interviews, past 1000 inquiries and 156 applying candidates are attending our annual Instructor Training course.

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Instructor Q&A with Evan Horn

By William Roth on 5/10/10 4:35 AM
Where did you get your start in outdoor education?
I started by going on weekend outdoor trips with my middle school. By the time I was in high school, I was a trip leader for weekend backpacking trips for middle schoolers. It was a great opportunity to learn to lead when I was young! Then I led trips for the outing club at my college, and finally worked a little bit of wilderness therapy.
What is your favorite class to teach?
I love teaching any class that I can make into an activity! I like to teach by doing, and I am most engaged when I can find ways to involve my students in the class.
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Instructor Q&A with Rich Brame

By NOLS on 2/19/10 11:00 PM
What is your favorite class to teach?
Baking. Hands down. Cooking is a life skill and showy backcountry baking usually blows people's minds. Many students have this image of eating canned vienna sausages and hardtack on their course. Teaching someone that baking is easy, fun and delicious sets them up for a lifetime of success. I don't know if all my students will climb, hike, cave or fish again, but I'm damned sure they'll eat. What is your favorite course to teach?
I like working the mountain sections of the Rocky Mountain Fall Semesters. The students come committed to a lengthy, challenging experience, the weather is often fairly sporting, and there are few people and fewer bugs in the mountains at that time of year.

Give me your best backcountry recipe.
Crispy hashbrowns (fried, hydrated and then fried again) with black beans poured over. Topped with cheese and enough spices to send a Rottweiler into spasms. A close second is backcountry-made tortillas filled with a spicy, cheesy mix of bulgar, rice and cous-cous. Line your Fry-Bake with those burritos and slather with re-hydrated red sauce and its a pan o' heaven right in your camp.

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