Cowboy Tough Race: Team Wind River Country is On the Course!

Posted by: Kim Freitas on 7/17/14 9:29 AM

Early this morning the Wind River Country team boarded a bus in Casper and traveled to the start of the Cowboy Tough race. Team members Casey Adams, Marina Fleming, Shad Hamilton and Karla Wagner are representing Wind River Country in this three and a half day adventure race.


After a three-hour bus ride from Casper, the team was ready to race in South Pass City, a former mining town. The first gold rush in South Pass City was in 1868; miners and merchants flocked to the area. As the gold rush ended, residents left the town. In 1968, the town was donated to the State of Wyoming. This wild and remote area was the setting for the race start.





At 9 a.m. this morning, the race began! Teams searched for checkpoints and completed challenges around South Pass City. These included: navigating a mill to find a mine core then exchanging the mine core at the general store for race supplies. Racers searched for a gold nugget on the tails. Teams also went to a checkpoint at Flood & Handle Mining Trail next to the Old Stamp Mill.


From South Pass City, teams took off on their bikes for the next challenges awaiting them in Atlantic City. Following the checkpoints at Atlantic City, teams headed towards Shoshone National Forest, riding towards Wild Iris climbing area.


Stay tuned as we follow the Wind River Country team on the Race Course this week!

Kim is a Wind River Wilderness and Wilderness First Responder graduate who works as the NOLS Writer and PR Specialist. She enjoys vegetarian cooking, warm yoga, and drinking lots of coffee!