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Baja California boasts all-female I-team

By Merran Smith on 11/30/11 5:37 AM

Heading out on the last ration, I went to see two semester groups making their way down the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur. Two of the groups switched on Nov. 10 from either sea kayaking to sailing or sailing to sea kayaking. Each took on four new instructors and, in particular, FSB 2 welcomed one of the few all-female instructor teams in NOLS Mexico's history, which was comprised of dynamic instructors Cass Coleman, Claire Marian, Sally McAdam and Jessie McGreehan.

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The Travelling Tamales

By Merran Smith on 11/25/11 4:15 AM

Early November was a busy time for the Mexican tamales, as they made two trips north of the NOLS Mexico base to San Lucas, Baja California for what was supposed to be the “mega-switch.” Instead, it turned into something more along the lines of the “eternal switch” because of whimsical weather patterns. The Norte winds put up a challenge for the two semester courses that were supposed to unite and dine with the tamales Nov. 10 before switching to sea-kayaking or sailing for the final leg of their courses.

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El Jardin de NOLS Mexico!

By Merran Smith on 11/16/11 6:01 AM

When NOLS Mexico's new intern, Dalila Osuna Toba began working here in May she realized almost immediately the potential that the compost had for gardening and the possibility of extending the sustainability practices of the NOLS Mexico branch that much further. As one might note by being here, it's not the easiest to grow produce here because of the limited supply of water that is transported from the nearby community of Mulege once or twice a week, but that hasn't stopped Dalila.

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La Dia de los Muertos in Mulege, Baja California Sur

By Merran Smith on 11/11/11 7:58 AM

It's now been nearly a week since 'La Dia de los Muertos' here in Baja California, Mexico and I'm still finding it difficult to write about one of the most incredible experiences I would say (from my limited time here), Mexico has to offer.

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Cultural Connections at NOLS Mexico

By Merran Smith on 10/26/11 11:02 AM

At NOLS Mexico, you will not only learn how to hike, sail or sea-kayak, but you will most likely come across a sensational cultural experience with local people such as rancheros (ranchers), cocineras (cooks) or pescadors (fishermen).

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The allure of Baja California

By Merran Smith on 10/26/11 10:16 AM

Well, it's been several weeks since I arrived here at NOLS Mexico, and what can I say? I think it would be an exquisite place to take a NOLS course! Here's why…

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Learning Leadership Comes in All Forms in Baja California

By Merran Smith on 10/13/11 7:19 AM

For those who must leave the 'field' or rather a section of their NOLS course because of medical issues such as sprained ankles or migraines… all is not lost and according to two NOLS students, there is still much to be learned at the NOLS Mexico Base!

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Miembros Nuevos de la Familia de NOLS Mexico/New Members to the NOLS Mexico Family

By Merran Smith on 10/13/11 6:52 AM

This year things at the NOLS Mexico base in Baja California Sur are heating up and have sure kicked off with gusto! Already three semester courses are underway in the field and one has just recently switched to their sailing section in the Sea of Cortez. All this organization and diversity has been made possible with the help of several new members to the NOLS Mexico family.

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