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Winter Wilderness Medicine

By Marco Johnson on 3/8/12 3:28 AM

The Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) has offered Wilderness Medicine Expeditions (WME) since 2009. These courses are designed as an introduction to wilderness medicine, as a means of gaining continuing medical education, and these courses also allow medical professionals to earn credits towards Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. The WME is designed for and open to medical professionals from EMT to MD.

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WMI in the Land of Vikings

By Marco Johnson on 11/7/11 1:53 AM

Hillerød, Denmark is the site of WMI's current Scandinavian WFR. Students have been hard at work since October 31st learning and practicing the skills of wilderness medicine. This student group is a wonderful mix of folks from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and the US by way of Bosnia. These students are guides, active duty military, outdoor educators,wildland firefighters, and NGO support staff who are excited to learn wilderness medical skills that will support their work and play.

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WMI on Swedish Public Broadcasting

By Marco Johnson on 10/19/11 3:26 AM

The second of two WFR courses at Småbo AWPE is underway here in Torpshammar, Sweden and a new group of students are quickly learning important wilderness medicine skills. Today's curriculum included how to immobilize and backboard a patient with signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury and how to package a patient in a litter for evacuation. These wilderness medicine skills also teach students about leadership and teamwork.

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WMI at 62.5° North Latitude

By Marco Johnson on 10/11/11 10:00 PM

As the days grow shorter and colder a group of students buckles down to finish up their Wilderness First Responder course in Torpshammar, Sweden. The course is being taught at Gymnasiet AWPE. Gymnasiet AWPE translates as Senior High School Advanced Wilderness Preparedness Education and the school is similar to a US charter school. The school has 3 classes that are equivalent to the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in a US high school.

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Topics: NOLS, Behind the Scenes, WFR, wilderness medicine, WMI, Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS