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Kathryn Wheeler

Kathryn Wheeler
Kathryn works at NOLS headquarters. She enjoys playing with pups, writing letters, and marveling over the bison she glimpsed when she first moved to Wyoming.

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Opinion | Breaking the Habits of Technology

By Kathryn Wheeler on May 22, 2018

Photo by Oscar Manguy

Since moving to Lander, I’ve developed a bit of routine around technology. My weeks are comprised of long days in front of a computer, with constant access to the web, and all of the baggage that brings. My weekends tend to look the opposite, as I attend to my need for uninterrupted experiences outside with others. This weekly routine casts me into two different worlds: one where I am totally absorbed by screens, and the other where I try to forget the existence of technology for a clarifying breath of fresh air.

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