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Heartbeats and High Fives!

By Kate Herden on Jul 7, 2011

While the rest of Lander is in a zombie-like trance, picking up stray firework casings from their lawns, having forgotten about the red, white and blue face paint they so proudly sported on the 4th, one group of weathered students emerges from the snow-capped Absarokas. Windswept and disheveled, the twelve students on our Rocky Mountain Semester course were welcomed back by the high spirited folks at the Rocky Mountain Branch and their researcher Cara Ocobock.

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Topics: NOLS, Research, Educators Notebook, Rocky Mountain, Cara Ocobock

Prognosis: POWER!

By Kate Herden on Jun 21, 2011

Four brutal surgeries, radiation treatment and chemotherapy couldn't keep Jo Rolls, an instructor at the Wilderness Medicine Institute, bed-ridden. Feeling the strength drain from her athletic frame after being diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer that had latched on to her lymph nodes, Jo was determined to stay strong. Signing herself up for an 18-hour mountain bike race on a rugged Colorado course, she and her teammate began their training soon after her last round of treatment. Rolls was back on track in record time. From barely being able to carry a grocery bag to tackling rigorous mountain trails, she battled cancer and its side effects within a single year; the pedal-power way!

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