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I dislike gooodbyes, but here goes...

By Hope Wilson on Nov 23, 2010

Insert cool picture here.

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Topics: RM, Behind the Scenes, Rocky Mountain Interns

Lander Nature Trail Work Success!

By Hope Wilson on Nov 8, 2010

Holding a trail restoration day in November in Wyoming doesn't seem like the brightest idea. Last year in Lander, snow had already been around for a month. So Aaron and I crossed our fingers when we scheduled a service project for last Saturday.

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Topics: Behind the Scenes, RM Trail Project 2010, Rocky Mountain

"It was one of those epic moments"

By Hope Wilson on Oct 28, 2010

Over lunch on Tuesday, students from a Fall Rocky Mountain Semester regaled me with stories. I heard about a pair of windpants lost to a river (an embarrassing day for Pat), fabulous food during their Wilderness First Responder course at the Teton Valley Branch (nice work Annemarie!), cold climbing ascents ending in triumph and sunshine, and one very large wood rat.

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Topics: NOLS Rocky Mountain, Expedition Prep, FSR-1, Fall Semester Rockies

Rocky Mountain Adopts New Office Environment

By Hope Wilson on Oct 18, 2010

We mixed things up a bit this morning at NOLS Rocky Mountain. We felt communication flow would be better if we worked in the same general space. Or, more precisely, the exact same space.

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Topics: Behind the Scenes, Rocky Mountain

NOLS Rocky Mountain meets Men In Science

By Hope Wilson on Oct 11, 2010

After six weeks at NOLS, I probably shouldn't be surprised to meet NOLS alumni almost everywhere I go. However, I still was not expecting to meet one last Friday at an event called "Men In Science" in Riverton, WY. This event is put together on alternating years for middle and high school boys and girls to encourage them to consider future careers in science.

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Topics: Alumni, Wind River Wilderness, NOLS Rocky Mountain, WRW, Live the Dream

Wilderness Medicine and Humanitarian Work

By Hope Wilson on Sep 17, 2010

Last week, Aaron and I sat in on the Wilderness Medicine
Institute’s Staff Meeting Sept. 8-10. I enjoyed the hearing the WMI Instructors
discuss the challenges and successes in delivering effective and useful
curriculum to students.

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Topics: NOLS Rocky Mountain, wilderness medicine, Educators Notebook

"Hi. My Name Is..."

By Hope Wilson on Sep 2, 2010

Lots of introductions have been happening at NOLS Rocky Mountain. My fellow intern, Aaron, and I have just started.

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Topics: NOLS, Behind the Scenes, Intern, Rocky Mountain