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Gnat's Delicious Dishes

By GAJK on Nov 7, 2012

If you have even taken a course at NOLS Rocky Mountain then you know how awesome the food is at the Noble Hotel. Served up before courses begin, between sections and at the end of courses, the buffet style banquets are nutritious and delicious. Gnat Wells, the Kitchen Manager, and her staff, Stephanie Peterson, Janet Smithson and Tina Cunningham, are accomplished chefs with a large repertoire of scrumptious dishes.

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Gourmet Gulch Field Testing

By GAJK on Oct 29, 2012

Last weekend Luke and I, RM interns, and Alison, curriculum intern and issue room employee, traveled to the Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range to do some research and development of the new light and fast meals the Gourmet Gulch is inventing. Over the last several weeks Claudia and Jen of the Gourmet Gulch along with Luke and I have been creating and testing these new meals. We decided it was time to try some of them out in the field.

The meals only require cooking the ingredients in boiling water or just adding boiling water. The lineup currently includes Stough Creek Scramble, Dutch Joe Spiced Cocoa, Coon Lake Mushroom Couscous, Lizard Head Chili and Dishpan Curry Sauce. For dinner we cooked up a delicious serving of Lizard Head Chili. We added cheese and made burritos with flour tortillas.

It began snowing that night and snowed through the next day.

After a long hike over snow snowy boulders and icy trails we needed a tasty meal to warm us up and keep us going. We stopped at Big Sandy Lake and cooked up some Dishpan Curry. We boiled some rice noodles, added the curry sauce powder and a package of tofu.

After this quick, hot and tasty meal, we powered down the trail and headed back to Lander with a great report and a few tweaks to improve the already excellent recipes. Come by the Gourmet Gulch and pick up a light and fast meal for your next backpacking trip.

-Geoffrey and Luke

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Gulch Ventures

By GAJK on Sep 20, 2012

This Thursday Luke and I spent the afternoon with Jen from the Gulch getting initiated into the mysteries of Gulch Bar Manufacturing.

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Lander's Awesome Access

By GAJK on Sep 7, 2012

After a great first week working for NOLS Rocky Mountain it was time to get outside and explore the Wind River Range. I was amazed by the encredible access so close to town. With just a short drive and an even shorter hike I was in the Popo Agie Wilderness Area.

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Topics: Behind the Scenes