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NOLS Amazon Personal Experience, Part 2

By Brooke Retherford on May 21, 2014

It goes without saying that NOLS Amazon has an incredible wilderness to run courses. The Amazon is naturally inspiring, difficult, and rewarding. What is often overlooked is the cultural element, which starts with the Brazilian NOLS instructors. They bring a whole element with them to the courses. One of those instructors is Fabio Raimo Oliveira. Fabio earned the NOLS Instructor of the Year award for his 16 years and counting of inspiring both students and co-instructors. He instructs hiking, mountaineering, climbing, sea kayaking, whitewater courses and has instructored at nearly all of the NOLS branches.

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NOLS Amazon Students Reflections, Part 1

By Brooke Retherford on Feb 25, 2014


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NOLS Amazon Tree Ascension Program

By Brooke Retherford on Oct 14, 2013

First Ever NOLS Tree Ascension at NOLS Amazon!

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