Resources for Anti-Racism


Jun 5, 2020

Anti-Racism Resources

The national movement protesting systemic racism and police brutality has demonstrated the urgency to address deeply rooted problems that activists have been calling out for decades; to engage with difficult history and an uncertain future; and to act with compassion, empathy, and willingness to change.

Naming these needs is far from doing the difficult work to address them. We at NOLS know that it’s difficult, because we recognize that when it comes to dismantling systemic racism, we’re beginners. Whatever skill areas we might have developed in 55 years as a school, in this area we’re at the start of a steep learning curve.

As educators, it’s our responsibility to make sure we create learning environments in which students and staff feel safe and have equal access to learning. Doing this demands that we engage in dialogue around dismantling systemic racism, examine our practices, and own up to what we don’t know. Even though it makes us uncomfortable. Even though we’re going to stumble—and stumble again. But as any good teacher will tell you, discomfort is critical to growth. It’s how we learn. And it’s what leads to change.

If you’re someone who, like us, is looking to the leadership of those who have invested years in anti-racism advocacy, especially in the outdoors, following is a selection of resources that can provide a starting point.

We know it’s only a start. We know we have a lot to learn and do. And we hope you’ll keep learning with us, too.

Resources For Anti-Racism

Environmental History and Activism

History & Culture

Teaching Tools

White Privilege and White Culture

Resources from the NOLS Community

From Randy P.

From @kat_hanc (Works of Fiction)

From @jorgegrijalvaa

From @adventureishani

From @erinkrush

From @hahnelizabeth

From @charleslucassc

From Cindy F.

From Lucy B.

From John S.

From Tobias N.

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