'An American Ascent' Earns Best Picture, Best Director

Posted by: Casey Adams on 2/5/15 3:55 AM

“An American Ascent,” the film documenting NOLS Expedition Denali, earned Best Film and Best Director honors at the San Diego Black Film Festival this weekend.

American-ascentThe film follows Expedition Denali, which set out to be the first African American team to reach North America’s highest point: Denali. All members of this NOLS expedition were NOLS graduates or instructors, and the film crew included NOLS instructor and video producer Kyle Duba. Though a lightning storm forced the climbers to turn around short of the summit, Expedition Denali achieved its first goal: to inspire youth of color to explore the outdoors. That inspiration will only reach a bigger audience through "An American Ascent."


An American Ascent - Film Trailer from Distill Productions onVimeo.

Casey worked as a writer and PR specialist for NOLS.