Backpacks, Fake Blood and Femur Fractures: Wilderness First Responder Course

Posted by: Leslie van Barselaar on 6/12/13 6:03 AM

This post was written by Jeremy Robertson, an Adventure Outings, Chico, CA Staff Member, and participant in last week’s Wilderness First Responder course taught by NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute.

Adventure Outings staff Adventure Outings staff

"Recently, over a span of 10 days (May 28 – June 6), 30 new Wilderness First Responders (WFR) entered the outdoor world. Adventure Outings hosted its yearly WFR course through the National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness Medicine Institute (NOLS WMI) in Chico.

This 80-hour course takes students through many of the possible first aid situations and solutions that may arise in backcountry or wilderness situations. Throughout the 10-day course, participants spend lots of time learning through scenarios where they practice treating “patients” as if they were truly out in the wilderness; they also get to practice their acting skills as students play the “patients”. Along side the interactive experiential learning, students also spend classroom time taking in the knowledge and information needed to treat patients."

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