Community Relief Medic Course

Posted by: Leslie van Barselaar on 6/6/13 8:32 AM

This is an article in the Wilderness Medical Society magazine by Jon Lowrance, WMI Instructor, about the Community Relief Medic Course offered by NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute affiliate, Landmark Learning, in Cullowhee, NC. The redesigned Community Relief Medic course is unique in that it focuses the medical training and scenarios to the context of responding to a disaster or assisting in relief medical clinics. The two-day course includes hands-on training in patient assessment, common medical problems and their management, and medical decision-making. The course is appropriate training for medical mission and disaster response teams, local fire, law enforcement and EMS groups, scouting groups and members of the public who wish to be prepared and possibly volunteer when disasters occur.

Landmark Learning Landmark Learning

Community Relief Medic Student populations include:

• Current relief workers or people interested in relief work, including mission groups, rescue and construction crews.

• Public safety, law enforcement, and first responder personnel.

• People interested in disaster medicine or those living in areas of frequent natural disaster.

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