NOLS SW Celebrates Earth Day

Posted by: Casey Adams on 5/8/13 1:47 AM

On April 22, 1970, thousands in the United States rallied to
celebrate the inaugural Earth Day, a chance to show and garner support for
environmental action. Today, nearly 200 countries celebrate all over the world.

Here at the NOLS Southwest, we celebrated by joining the
movers and the shakers of Tucson to connect with our community. Alongside
Tucson Clean and Beautiful, 4H, Bicas, Southwest Conservation Corps, and many
other inspiring organizations, we set out to spend a fun-filled day with local
kids in the sun!

It certainly was fun-filled. At the event, our partner
organizations taught us to bake sun-oven mesquite-flower cookies, make flowers
out of old bike spokes and tires, and string together old components into wind
chimes. Folks got good and dirty in the mud pit and flew high on the ropes course.

Fearless Intern Matt McArdle dynoing on the ropes course!

We spent the day teaching orienteering and bracelet making.
With some p-cord, old cordelette, and webbing “beads,” we strung together
wearable art.

Duck Murphy offering up his best fashion advice.

After teaching our navigation enthusiasts how to use
compasses*, we set out on one of our three orienteering courses to practice
navigation. The children became instant experts and guided us around all of the
Earth Day happenings.

Another truly wonderful day in the desert!


*Fun Fact! The plural of compass is compasses not compi! The
things you learn as an intern!



Casey worked as a writer and PR specialist for NOLS.