Have You Seen This Man(nequin)?

Posted by: Megan Budge on Mar 27, 2013

6a00d83451b4f069e2017c38205936970b Known as: Mr. Hurt Responds to: Well, nothing really.

Work History: 150-lb. mannequin used for WEMT scenarios

Place of Residence: The WMI Gear Room

Hair Color: Golden Beige
Eye Color: Golden Beige
Skin Color: Golden Beige
Distinguishing Characteristics: Adaptable fashion sense, never
loses a staring contest, often scripted as the unconscious patient in an
emergency scenario, stoic demeanor.
Recently Noted for: His role as a special ops advertising agent
for the March Moulage Madness challenge

If you walked into the NOLS Headquarters break room the past few days, you might have seen this dashing fellow as you grabbed your morning coffee or reheated weekend leftovers in the microwave. Despite his tendency to startle unsuspecting employees who haven’t quite made it to the coffee pot yet, the real purpose of his placement is to raise awareness for the recent “March Moulage Madness” challenge posed to the NOLS HQ community.

With the facilitation of every NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) course comes a turnover of supplies, including splints, cravats and stethoscopes. Additionally, every gear set comes with a set of stage makeup and a bag of moulage clothes - the shirts and pants used in course scenarios that involve simulated blood injuries. Rather than subjecting participants' own clothes to a smattering of “arterial bleeds” or trauma shear cuts, WMI provides gently worn clothing for these scenarios.

Makeup_final Moulage Makeup Kit

In April, May and June, WMI will support over 250 courses ranging widely in length and location. That’s a lot of moulage clothes! To meet this high demand, WMI gathered clothing donations from NOLS HQ staff from March 19-25. Over the next few days, pictures of these high-fashion options, as modeled by your favorite WMI in-town staff, will be posted to the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute Facebook page. Staff donors and Facebook page members who “Like” their favorite photos will be eligible to win WMI swag! Prizes and winners will be announced on April 1 (no joke!). The clothes donated for this event will then be shipped off to support the realistic scenarios that are so critical to WMI courses. These scenarios provide our students with the hands-on experience to become competent and confident graduates.

Vote for your favorite moulage look! Visit the WMI Facebook page and while you’re there, tell us about your favorite scenario on your WMI course!