Small Gifts DO Make a Difference

Posted by: Larkin Flora on Dec 18, 2012


Sure, you’re young, you’re fresh out of college, and you
have a pile of student loan debt. I get it; I’ve been there, spending six
months unemployed after graduation before I finally got hired.

You might not have the means to make a significant gift, and
you probably think that your small gifts to NOLS won’t really make a difference
in the big bucket.

Think again.

Do you drink gourmet coffee? Beer? Try donating a couple of
those each month to NOLS. Drink two fewer pints with your friends, or two fewer
lattes, save the $10 and, give it to NOLS. Doing that each month will add up to
$120 a year!

It still may not sound like much, but if even a quarter of
our more than 200,000 graduates did this, it’d be a whole lot. Over $6 million
in fact. That’s enough to meet the scholarship needs of over 3,000 students.

It’s easy to give monthly; just sign up for the program with a few clicks on NOLS’secure online giving form. Your donation will be charged to your debit or credit card on the first of the month or the nearest business day.

Still don’t think your small gift will make a difference? Go
on—just try it. See the impact you can make. Together we can ensure that all
students have access to unparalleled wilderness education, regardless of their
financial background.

Larkin Flora graduated
from college in 2010 and was lucky enough to land an internship with NOLS Alumni the following year. She now works as the Development Communications
Coordinator at NOLS Headquarters in Lander, Wyo.