WMI: Fun with numbers

Posted by: Casey Adams on 9/28/12 2:16 AM

Last week, NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) hosted
its annual staff meeting, complete with lectures, workshops, and a departmental
update from WMI Director Melissa Gray.

Each year, Gray reviews the year in a “fun with numbers”
format, which we thought would be the most entertaining way for us to relay
those details:

645 courses taught in fiscal year 2012, a 2.7-percent
increase over fiscal year 2011.

8 percent: The increase of students who took WMI courses
this year over last year.

57 students were taught in Portuguese.

107 students were taught in Swedish.

182 students took courses in Spanish.

NOLS awarded 39 individual students $29,835 in scholarship funds to attend Wilderness
Emergency Medical Technician
courses. An additional 113 students used
AmeriCorps funds for their courses. Fifteen students fluent in American Sign
Language received Moving Hands scholarships, and five Veterans’ Administration
students were supported through enrollment and certification.

41 states hosted WMI courses, and only two states have never
hosted a course.

19 countries hosted WMI courses.

The Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus is nearing completion. WMI
will start welcoming students into this new facility Nov. 4.

As NOLS steps into a new fiscal year, Gray and leadership
throughout the school are excited to support students and staff around the

Casey worked as a writer and PR specialist for NOLS.