Airborne Support for Waddington Range Courses

Posted by: Marie Siwicki on 7/16/12 4:02 AM

DSCN2333 One of Coral Air’s float planes, loaded up with students, about to head for the field on day one of the 6/27 Waddington Mountaineering course.

The Waddington Range is one of the most remote locations traveled to by PNW courses. Located in the heart of the British Columbian wilderness, with limited road access, it’s not easy to support Waddington courses from the ground—that’s why we depend heavily on aviation by our partners at Coral Air and White Saddle Air.

Coral Air, based out of Campbell River, British Columbia, supports our courses via float planes from the South. They help us by shuttling students and instructors in and out of the Waddington range.

White Saddle provides helicopter support from Tatla Lake, British Columbia in the North, and primarily helps with resupplying rations to courses during their time in the field.

Picture 4 Students on the 6/27 Waddington Mountaineering course re-stocking spices and other supplies in the middle of a snow field (left), made possible by aviation support from White Saddle Air (right).

In combination with boats, ferries, and NOLS’ 15-passenger vans, getting a Waddington course in and out of the field safely is no small feat! We couldn’t do it without the tried and true partnerships of our friends across the border. Thanks!