From Freshman to Finance with NOLS

Posted by: Alison Hudson on Feb 7, 2012

TeresaIn 2007, Teresa Boever began her undergraduate career at Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) on a unique freshman orientation: a three-week backpacking course with NOLS Professional Training. Each subsequent freshman class has participated in the same orientation.

Teresa credits the orientation with fostering a bond not only within her class, but also among the entire student body.

“There is a tremendous understanding for what each student has been through. In four years, not a day went by that we didn’t talk about our NOLS course.”

How many people can say that about their freshman orientation?


2007: Teresa and her classmaters returning from their freshman orientation

Teresa graduated from WCC last spring and now works for NOLS Professional Training as the finance and communications assistant, a choice she directly attributes to the experiences leading in to her freshman year.

“During my NOLS course I felt so alive, so intensely happy. Additionally, I was impressed by the ability of people with different lifestyles to come together to achieve a single goal," she said. "This is true of courses and office culture. Inherent to NOLS is a network of support: everyone cares about the outcome for students and the outcome for employees.”


2011: WCC Graduation

Alison is the NOLS intranet manager and a NOLS instructor.