Winter Conditions in Red Canyon

Posted by: jstoddard on Dec 13, 2011


The Wyss Campus was crisp at 7:30 this morning as Intermountain Builders' crew rolled back the blankets that keep forms from filling with snow. Even with five or six inches on the ground, work is charging along with insulating and backfilling the first foundation poured, wiring steel to reinforce stem walls at the education center (above), and laying out the grids for columns that will be drilled in the frozen ground for future student housing. Responsible procurement of materials is a LEED-certification priority and a priority for NOLS as well, as identified in our sustainability report. This means we are searching high and low for quality steel produced domestically with best environmental practices and regulation and least embodied energy. The rebar (below) is cast into concrete walls and footings for reinforcement. We anticipate regional sourcing of the heavy structural steel which will be used as girders to support student residences. Even as we watch the weather for a good day to pour, we are preparing the documents to manufacture the structural insulated panels that will serve as structure, insulation and sheathing.