Stirring up the dust

Posted by: jstoddard on Oct 18, 2011


Jeff Kimber and the rest of the Precision Dirt Works crew were chomping at the bit yesterday morning with a number of pieces of heavy equipment on the Wyss Campus site. These tradesmen are the first sub-contractors to be awarded contracts in the initial bid session. Wasting no time, they mobilized over a rainy weekend and were pounding in stakes before 8am. Their work paves the way for foundation specialists who will work with Jeff to form super-insulated footers, stem walls, and reinforced piers that will bear the heavy responsibility of upholding our program. This start is none too soon...

With early fall snow dusting the foothills, time is of the essence. Concrete requires temperatures of around freezing or higher to cure. As overnight lows dip below freezing, there is a sense of urgency to pour the mud and get it struck off before winter knocks again. Once concrete foundations are finished, the progress will roll right along with delivery of structural steel girders and mounting brackets, SIP panels, and more dirt-moving equipment to trench for power and water supply. Thankfully, the fall weather has been typical- patures are greening up again after the first fall moisture and temperatures are forecast in the upper 50's slated for this week, providing picture perfect building conditions at our site and throughout the front range of the Wind River mountains.