NOLS embarks on first press trip

Posted by: Casey Adams on 10/17/11 2:42 AM

NOLS recently expanded its relationship with Deuter Sport to co-host its first press trip. Last month, NOLS Pro instructors led four reporters through the Wind River Range in Wyoming while they tested Deuter backpacks.

Of course, this isn’t the first time NOLS has collaborated with Deuter; the company outfits the school with three packs for courses, one of which was designed specifically for NOLS students.

“Deuter has been a great partner,” said Brian Fabel, marketing coordinator for NOLS Pro. Fabel was also one of the instructors on the press trip seminar Sept. 16-19.

He saw not only an opportunity for an expanded partnership with Deuter, but also the opportunity to provide four professionals with a taste of the NOLS experience.

“Our goal was to have fun and facilitate an excellent NOLS experience for these guys as they were going through the Deuter press trip,” he said, adding the Rocky Mountain Branch staff was particularly helpful in supporting the seminar course.

Fabel was confident the editors and reporters came away with insight about the NOLS curriculum and leadership model. He noted venturing into a backcountry setting inherently piques curiosity, and he had numerous opportunities to share the educational model implemented by NOLS instructors.

The conversation around the campfires in the Winds went well beyond NOLS to include the state of outdoor education, diversity, and public lands, among other topics. All the while, the backpackers were also testing the capabilities of Deuter packs.

“We have a true and complete partnership with Deuter, and this trip illustrated that,” Fabel said.

Check out an overview and photos of the expedition by adventure writer and photographer Cameron Martindell at .

Casey worked as a writer and PR specialist for NOLS.