Miembros Nuevos de la Familia de NOLS Mexico/New Members to the NOLS Mexico Family

Posted by: Merran Smith on Oct 13, 2011

This year things at the NOLS Mexico base in Baja California Sur are heating up and have sure kicked off with gusto! Already three semester courses are underway in the field and one has just recently switched to their sailing section in the Sea of Cortez. All this organization and diversity has been made possible with the help of several new members to the NOLS Mexico family.

The base heartily welcomes sweet new Rations Manager Rebecca Spiro who just recently graduated with a Masters of Contemporary Art and her boyfriend from London, Harry Hudson (who was recently re-named "Pancho") will be assisting around the base. Becca is definitely going to have her hands full this semester, but so will Meredith Young who is coming all the way down from Yukon, Canada where she spent the summer working for NOLS as an Equipment Manager. We are very thankful to have the equipment guru here herself!

Last but not least is George Van Sickle - the new Sailing Program Supervisor who has recently written a sailing manual for NOLS and has been coming down to Baja to teach since 1985! Not only did George come down with his depth of sailing expertise, but his family drove down all the way from Yukon to join him - including his wife Kate Moylan, a sea-kayaking instructor herself, and their golden retriever Abigail or newly renamed in Spanish as 'Abigita'. 'Abigita' just had to have her first haircut and is now looking ready for la playa (the beach).

The Mexican family ambiance is definitely a unique aspect of the NOLS Mexico experience to highlight and furthermore includes Assistant Director David Campbell, his wife Jamey (also a NOLS instructor) and their two children Kai and Luca.

But the real heart and vivacity of the Mexican NOLS branch lies in the Mexican staff, including Cecilia Avila, Aldo De La Peña, Ximena Carrion, Ocadio "Cayo" Osuna, Eder Arreola, Doña Rosario Avila, Dalila Osuna, Concha Diaz, Trini Diaz, Clemente Diaz, Carolina Cortés and Ignacio "Nacho" Avila. The benefit of having such a family-run NOLS environment is that it helps students feel immediately right at home as soon as they step foot in Baja California and throughout their time in Mexico!