The Faculty Summit Has Begun!

Posted by: NOLS on May 10, 2011

Over 150 instructors from around the world have gathered for a week of workshops, discussions, lectures, seminars, networking and fun. Topics range from river crossing techniques to the state of inclusion here at NOLS. Today we will hear from Tori Murden McClure, John Grunsfeld, Joe Thomas, and an expedition-full of veteran instructors. Follow along on Twitter at #NOLSsummit.

Fun Facts:
- 140 current instructors (have worked in the past 2 years)
- Combined 280 years of "in the backcountry" experience
- Most veteran instructor here started in 1971 (we also have grads from 2011 Instructor Courses)
- Hiking is the largest skill area represented here. (85%)
- 63 are climbing instructors, 43 are mountaineering instructors, 42 winter, 41 river, 40 sea kayaking, 16 sailing, 13 wilderness medicine, 7 horsepacking.
- Participants come from the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand & Austrailia.

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