WMI Instructor Training Course Underway

Posted by: NOLS on Nov 12, 2010

6a00d83451b4f069e20133f5cd8b1c970bThis week 26 aspiring WMI instructors, who made it through interviews, past 1000 inquiries and 156 applying candidates are attending our annual Instructor Training course.

Hailing from as far as Ecuador, Nova Scotia, North Carolina and downtown Lander, and ranging from NOLS and Outward Bound staff, nurses, paramedics, retired military, ski patrollers and land managers, these future WFA and WFR instructors will spend 7 and 10 days honing their talents as educators.

The first three days have been focused on the skill of education; designing lesson plans, classroom organization, content accuracy, scenario planning and skill demonstrations, as well as discussions on our educational philosophy and style. Now we begin student teaching and coaching, and today’s snowstorm was just in time for the first outside scenario!

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