Dream Expedition Video Contest: Sharing A Few Videos - Part 1

Posted by: William Roth on Sep 24, 2010

We have seen more and more videos start rolling in for our the NOLS Dream Expedition Video Contest, with a surge of entries coming in over the last few weeks. They range from the simple and straightforward to wild stop-motion animation techniques, with dreams about hiking the Appalachian Trail, summiting far-off peaks, high altitude tight-rope walking, trekking to remote Africa to give medical aid, and more.

I will try to share all the Dream Expedition contest videos in the next couple weeks. To see more visit http://www.nols.edu/contest/entries.shtml. You still have a little over a month to get your videos in!

Nels' dream expedition is to retrace legendary Norse Explorer Leif Ericson's travels through Greenland and Iceland.


Kumari's dream expedition is to hike the 2,175 mile Appalachian Trail.


Jeffrey's dream expedition is to climb the Cassin Ridge on Denali.

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