NOLS Instructor's Film "Arctic Cliffhangers" Shows in Banff

Posted by: Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on Apr 8, 2010

On Tuesday, April 13, the Banff Centre will be presenting NOLS Yukon Instructor Julia Szucs' film, Arctic Cliffhangers. Julia has been with NOLS since 2001, when she took her Baja Sea Kayaking Outdoor Educator Course. Since then, she has taught NOLS courses in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, and the Southwest.

The name of Julia's film suggested to me it would be just another climbing movie, this time set on some ice shelf in the Arctic. But I was totally off base. Check out the trailer above - it looks fascinating. The film received the Best Wildlife Film Award at the 7th Annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.

I have not yet seen the film, but if you are in the Banff area, you should!

Aparna is a NOLS instructor and has been the PR and Marketing Intern, PR specialist, and the Diversity & Inclusion manager at NOLS. She is a founding partner of The Avarna Group (