Leadership Week - Day 5

Posted by: Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on Feb 25, 2010

Lots to report as Leadership Week draws to a close.


022310 044 While I was being a couch potato, six NOLS alums were slogging away on a cold and rainy evening in New York City cleaning and painting the new facilities of Concrete Safaris, an organization founded by NOLS grad Mac Levine which “empowers youth to
become healthy leaders through green exercise programs that enrich the
mind, body, community, & environment.” Check out their Leadership Week project blog for more details.


6a00d83451b4f069e201310f354f0c970c-800wi In this last of three "Leadershots" - small mini-programs held this week on various leadership topics - NOLS WMI Curriculum Director Tod Schimelpfenig taught us how to use the tools of medical decisionmaking to make good decisions as a leader.

The take-away message? If you want to make sound decisions: (1) use the patient assessment system (in the medical context); (2) take care of life threats (if the decision is medical); (3) trust in yourself; (4) be thorough; (5) be observant; and (6) be mindful of how your are making the decision (is it being compelled by emotion or logic?)

Now go make a great decision and check out the the other Leadership Week blog posts and visit the Leadership Week web-site to see what the hubbub is all about.

Aparna is a NOLS instructor and has been the PR and Marketing Intern, PR specialist, and the Diversity & Inclusion manager at NOLS. She is a founding partner of The Avarna Group (theavarnagroup.com).